How To Do Everything

How to properly make use of your cat, and how to make it in the NHL. Plus special guest meteorologist Paula Poundstone gives us our first ever weather report. 

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We remember Harold Ramis by learning how the movie Groundhog Day was almost very different, John Lithgow tells us how to play it cool at the Oscars, and we help a listener find love at the gym

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This week we learn how to beat a spelling bee, how to talk to bees and a new use for cement.

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How to feel better about this freezing winter, and how to prevent a hijacking. Plus, something to think about when you're smashed between two people in puffy coats on the subway. 

And if you're playing along at home: it's spelled Verkhoyansk. 

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This week we tell you how to move like a glacier, write a cartoon musical and lose friends. 

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This week we tell you how to keep your beer from freezing, keep your hands warm at the South Pole and how to talk about the Super Bowl without saying Super Bowl.

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How to deal with an embarrassing name, and how to spy like a lady. Plus, a revelation that may change breakfast forever. 

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This week we tell you how to pour pulled cod like a pad kid, put out a fire like a frat boy and we help A-Rod figure out what to do this summer. 

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How to take the spark out of your romance, survive the deep freeze, and growl like a radio bear.

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