How To Do Everything

How to cook cicadas and how to be Darth Vader. Plus future NBA stars tell you how to be a basketball fan. 

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This week we tell you how to recruit a double agent, spruce up your uniform and keep your books dry.

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How to enjoy popcorn, survive the Confidence Chamber, and get a good night's sleep - with help from Dr. Ruth.

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How to talk beer, write an obituary and make the best of a badly timed one night stand.

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This week we tell you how to play golf without wearing any pants, fit in with construction workers and deal with sinkholes.

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How to keep that guy behind you from talking all the way through the movie, spy on your enemies, and get a job in modeling even if you’ve got a weird face. Plus: our March Madness winner, and a very remote Toilet of the Week!

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How to prepare for a galactic journey.

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How to fly a space age war plane, how to explain love to your dog and a very special toilet of the week. Plus, a March Madness update with Dick Vitale.

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How to win your elementary school talent show, keep your daughter from making fun of you, and drive as dangerously as possible. Two of these are a good idea.

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How to make the perfect Chicken McNugget, celebrate the lifting of the NYC Soda Ban, and impress your three-year-old daughter. Plus the great comic book artist Chris Ware helps you learn to draw, and a very contemplative Toilet Of The Week!

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