How To Do Everything

How to deal with your smelly roommate using hypnosis or a plant.

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This week we join the crew from Fermilab on the final leg of their electromagnetic road trip.

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How to sound intelligent at the race track and smuggle money across the border. Plus, Peter Sagal tries your ice cream. 

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How to survive on a desert island, name your baby, and pass the time while you're waiting for your baby. Also, we like poodles and noodles. 

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How to move your really, really, really big magnet, survive when your flight get cancelled, and weigh your pet bee. Plus: your Toilet of the Week!

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This week we tell you how to prepare your zookeepers to deal with a rogue panda.

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How to look cool as a cucumber when it’s hot as a something hot outside, and how to make something NSFW into something SFW. Plus: a technologically advanced toilet of the week, and more.  

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How to win in hockey, create a new flavor of ice cream, and another reason to be suspicious of the UPS guy. #HTDE111 

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This week tell you how to intimidate jurors, pronounce the longest word in Germany and deal with your stinky clothes.

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How to improve your butter experience 1000%, perform an exorcism, and obtain cheese in the most dangerous way possible. Plus: your Toilet of the Week! 

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