How To Do Everything

The great Sir Patrick Stewart, in perhaps the role of his life, helps a listener answer a question about cows. 

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How to get the best possible tip when you're waiting tables, how to hug properly, and Peter Sagal joins us for an Egg Nog taste test. 

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How to get an autograph, how to have a baby (but not how to make a baby), and a visit from pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. Plus: we talk to a couple winners of our Thanksgiving Travel Photo Contest!

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This week we tell where Big Bird comes from, how new colors get their names, plus the Full Beaver Moon.

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A game to make horrible holiday travel slightly less horrible, political strategist David Axelrod helps you dodge those awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations, and more. 

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This week an astronaut tells you how to have a long distance relationship, how to press your pants when taking a nap and how to spoon.

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How to ship a package in a way that will lessen the likelihood it gets destroyed, score an eight pointer when you’re playing basketball, and measure the wind. Plus: wordsearch winners!  

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How to get free coasters, curse across the world and avoid offending people with your word search. Plus, one last Toilet of the Week.

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How to tell your rock formations apart, introduce yourself to the wonderful world of Star Trek, and do a body good. Plus: a portable Toilet of the Week! 

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Hal Needham, our favorite stuntman, died Friday at 82. He did stunts in more than 300 films, directed "Smokey and the Bandit" and "The Cannonball Run," won an Honorary Oscar last year, got a lot of speeding tickets, and broke a lot of bones. He was a regular guest on our show, and here we listen back to a few of our favorite moments with him. 

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