How To Do Everything

How to drive a rally car, bluff convincingly, and look pretty when you get your picture taken. 

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This week, how to never miss a meeting, decide if your shark needs pants, and more. 

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How to keep your cereal from getting soggy, and we make a very interesting dip for the big sporting event with the misshapen ball that will be played on Sunday and shall not be named.  

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How to stop that email you shouldn't have sent, and how to swim a lap. Plus: a friend in need is a friend indeed. 

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This week we solve an age-old spinach mystery and help out the FBI. Plus football predictions from Gillian!

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How to crack a case, and how to build a really, really, really big Lego model. 

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This episode is only for cows. Humans are advised to skip this and listen to one of our many human-focused episodes instead. 

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Cows, it turns out, hate the sound of cowbells. We try and help out our bovine friends. 

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This week a Ninja Master gives Santa some tips on sneaking around and how to make 2015 the best year ever.

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A listener is getting laser hair removal, and it hurts. A lot. Mike and Ian help her deal with the pain, with some help from the toughest people they could find. 

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