How To Do Everything

This week we tell you how to get a fancy free hat and freak out your entire town. 

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We listen back to our interview with Sonia Sotomayor, we cure brain freeze, and the Fonz himself helps you look cool. 

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Ian and Mike are out of the office. They talk about it, then they change the world, then they play some old segments. 

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How to defeat your winged enemies and prove how good you are at the bongos. 

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How to take beautiful photographs of your cat, and how to digest your food. Plus, we say goodbye to a beloved colleague. Not Gillian. We already said goodbye to Gillian. 

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How to conduct yourself around pie, and how to name your bird. 

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We help you relax, and help you become a fossil. Plus, some words of encouragement as you enter the final days of the exclamation point fast. 

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How to make sense of what your computer is saying, make an uneasy pengiun comfortable, and use up old newspapers. Plus we have a tip to get you through the last week of our Exclamation Point Fast.

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We help endangered penguins carry on their species, and we help you make small talk with kids. Plus: our Exclamation Point Fast continues, with catastrophic results. 

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How to make a mountain shorter and a new use for bacon. Plus, we check in on our exclamation point fast.  

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