How To Do Everything

How to avoid mosquitoes, talk about hard cider and become a Mythbuster.

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How to talk to strangers, care for and feed your pet bedbugs, and save money on groceries. 

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Featuring the strangest listener question we’ve yet received. 

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How to know how much propane is left in your tank, read 50 Shades of Grey in public, and get backstage at a concert. Plus: we hear from a listener who tells us our show was actually useful for once! 

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How to get cheap cereal, pass the time on the moon, and make a great wedding toast. 

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With how to advice from: Sir Patrick Stewart, US Olympian Matt Tegenkamp, New Zealand Olympian Quentin Rew, Nigerian Olympian Koko Archibong, Australian Olympian Russel Mark, Senator and Olympic Gold Medalist Bill Bradley, Canadian Curler Kristie Moore, and more. 

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How to save money at an outdoor music festival, zombie-proof your car, and become a Blue Man. Plus, Governor Evan Bayh tells us how to survive the VP vetting process.

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Mike and Ian are out of the office this week. But we went way back to the early episodes to find the old segments we’re actually not embarrassed of! If you’ve heard every episode, maybe skip this. But if you’re a new listener, we’ll tell you how to act around celebrities, how to run for office, how to bring a stale bagel back to life, and more. See you next week with the regular new stuff. 

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