How To Do Everything

This week, we provide assistance to the Russian Government, and to two small children. 

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Pope Francis is visiting the US this week. We help him act like a local. 

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How to take a photograph of your cat, talk to your dog, talk to a British person, and talk to a British dog.

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How much money is there on the planet? We investigate. 

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Ian visits a corpse flower, a stinky jungle plant which has been waiting 12 years to bloom. 

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We talk about the weather, but not in a boring way. We hope. 

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How to send secret messages, heal your wounds, and more. 

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How to stay cool in the summertime, and salt your food without salt. 

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This week we tell you how to choose the best name ever for your baby and investigate an old outhouse mystery.

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A listener wants to know how not to get startled. Ian and Mike either help or make it worse.

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This week we tell you how to get a fancy free hat and freak out your entire town. 

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We listen back to our interview with Sonia Sotomayor, we cure brain freeze, and the Fonz himself helps you look cool. 

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Ian and Mike are out of the office. They talk about it, then they change the world, then they play some old segments. 

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How to defeat your winged enemies and prove how good you are at the bongos. 

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How to take beautiful photographs of your cat, and how to digest your food. Plus, we say goodbye to a beloved colleague. Not Gillian. We already said goodbye to Gillian. 

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How to conduct yourself around pie, and how to name your bird. 

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We help you relax, and help you become a fossil. Plus, some words of encouragement as you enter the final days of the exclamation point fast. 

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How to make sense of what your computer is saying, make an uneasy pengiun comfortable, and use up old newspapers. Plus we have a tip to get you through the last week of our Exclamation Point Fast.

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We help endangered penguins carry on their species, and we help you make small talk with kids. Plus: our Exclamation Point Fast continues, with catastrophic results. 

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How to make a mountain shorter and a new use for bacon. Plus, we check in on our exclamation point fast.  

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How to find alternatives for the f-word, cook your chicken in the most spectacular way possible, and stop using exclamation points! That was our last one. 

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How to celebrate without getting everyone else sick and the fastest way to get published in the New York Times.

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How to make your pregnancy more exciting and the Olympics more competitive. 

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How to wake up, celebrate your birthday properly, and shoot a free throw. This is not an April Fool's Day episode. Were we supposed to do an April Fool's Day episode? 

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How to become Cheetah Boy, and a warning about lipstick.

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How to get the milk you want and deserve, and the truth about asparagus. 

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A cow is rescued, and a nose is picked. 

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How to beat the winter, find love, and make the Olympic team. 

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We help you get unstuck and survive your walk to work.

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This week we help you find your seat without bothering the people around you.

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How to drive a rally car, bluff convincingly, and look pretty when you get your picture taken. 

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This week, how to never miss a meeting, decide if your shark needs pants, and more. 

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How to keep your cereal from getting soggy, and we make a very interesting dip for the big sporting event with the misshapen ball that will be played on Sunday and shall not be named.  

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How to stop that email you shouldn't have sent, and how to swim a lap. Plus: a friend in need is a friend indeed. 

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This week we solve an age-old spinach mystery and help out the FBI. Plus football predictions from Gillian!

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How to crack a case, and how to build a really, really, really big Lego model. 

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