How To Do Everything

The great Sir Patrick Stewart, in perhaps the role of his life, helps a listener answer a question about cows. 

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How to get the best possible tip when you're waiting tables, how to hug properly, and Peter Sagal joins us for an Egg Nog taste test. 

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How to get an autograph, how to have a baby (but not how to make a baby), and a visit from pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. Plus: we talk to a couple winners of our Thanksgiving Travel Photo Contest!

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This week we tell where Big Bird comes from, how new colors get their names, plus the Full Beaver Moon.

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A game to make horrible holiday travel slightly less horrible, political strategist David Axelrod helps you dodge those awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations, and more. 

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This week an astronaut tells you how to have a long distance relationship, how to press your pants when taking a nap and how to spoon.

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How to ship a package in a way that will lessen the likelihood it gets destroyed, score an eight pointer when you’re playing basketball, and measure the wind. Plus: wordsearch winners!  

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How to get free coasters, curse across the world and avoid offending people with your word search. Plus, one last Toilet of the Week.

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How to tell your rock formations apart, introduce yourself to the wonderful world of Star Trek, and do a body good. Plus: a portable Toilet of the Week! 

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Hal Needham, our favorite stuntman, died Friday at 82. He did stunts in more than 300 films, directed "Smokey and the Bandit" and "The Cannonball Run," won an Honorary Oscar last year, got a lot of speeding tickets, and broke a lot of bones. He was a regular guest on our show, and here we listen back to a few of our favorite moments with him. 

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How to survive the food at a bar mitzvah, get out of jail and rack up billions in late fees. Plus, a spooky toilet of the week.

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How to protect your valuables, discover a new species, and order water at a restaurant without looking like an idiot. Plus: an international Toilet of the Week! 

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How to keep your dog safe on roadtrips, fight off a lemur and a trip to the Yukon.

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How to stop a swarm of bees from ruining your game and a totally legal way to make blue crystal meth.*

*not actually crystal meth, but it is blue

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Washington Post reporter Ian Shapira talks about covering the Navy Yard shooting. And: now that the new iPhone has a fingerprint scanner, you don't have to enter in your password anymore, which saves you almost half a second. We'll tell you a few ways to spend that extra time. 

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How to avoid spoilers, pronounce a really, really, really long name, and get out of jury duty. 

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How to get ready for a tennis match, plan a flea circus, and take a compliment. You look nice today, by the way. 

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How to compliment your dog, get your bagel sandwich to work without making a mess and twerking.

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How to discover a new mammal, have the coolest name in baseball and make a robot laugh.

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How to clean up after a rock star and make the call on a photo finish. Plus, a special warning to our listeners in Scandinavia.

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How to deal with your smelly roommate using hypnosis or a plant.

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This week we join the crew from Fermilab on the final leg of their electromagnetic road trip.

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How to sound intelligent at the race track and smuggle money across the border. Plus, Peter Sagal tries your ice cream. 

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How to survive on a desert island, name your baby, and pass the time while you're waiting for your baby. Also, we like poodles and noodles. 

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How to move your really, really, really big magnet, survive when your flight get cancelled, and weigh your pet bee. Plus: your Toilet of the Week!

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This week we tell you how to prepare your zookeepers to deal with a rogue panda.

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How to look cool as a cucumber when it’s hot as a something hot outside, and how to make something NSFW into something SFW. Plus: a technologically advanced toilet of the week, and more.  

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How to win in hockey, create a new flavor of ice cream, and another reason to be suspicious of the UPS guy. #HTDE111 

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This week tell you how to intimidate jurors, pronounce the longest word in Germany and deal with your stinky clothes.

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How to improve your butter experience 1000%, perform an exorcism, and obtain cheese in the most dangerous way possible. Plus: your Toilet of the Week! 

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How to cook cicadas and how to be Darth Vader. Plus future NBA stars tell you how to be a basketball fan. 

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This week we tell you how to recruit a double agent, spruce up your uniform and keep your books dry.

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How to enjoy popcorn, survive the Confidence Chamber, and get a good night's sleep - with help from Dr. Ruth.

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How to talk beer, write an obituary and make the best of a badly timed one night stand.

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This week we tell you how to play golf without wearing any pants, fit in with construction workers and deal with sinkholes.

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How to keep that guy behind you from talking all the way through the movie, spy on your enemies, and get a job in modeling even if you’ve got a weird face. Plus: our March Madness winner, and a very remote Toilet of the Week!

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How to prepare for a galactic journey.

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How to fly a space age war plane, how to explain love to your dog and a very special toilet of the week. Plus, a March Madness update with Dick Vitale.

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How to win your elementary school talent show, keep your daughter from making fun of you, and drive as dangerously as possible. Two of these are a good idea.

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How to make the perfect Chicken McNugget, celebrate the lifting of the NYC Soda Ban, and impress your three-year-old daughter. Plus the great comic book artist Chris Ware helps you learn to draw, and a very contemplative Toilet Of The Week!

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How to rescue a deer friend or human friend stuck out on the ice, and name your new car. Plus we listen back to an Iditarod dispatch as the great sled dog race goes on in Alaska. Plus: your Toilet of the Week, and we give you nicknames. 

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How to clean your disgusting computer keyboard at work, sit comfortably at an awards show, and Barry Manilow helps a listener write a catchy jingle. Plus: our first ever Human Toilet of the Week!

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How to open your bag of chips easily, every time, how to keep from falling on the ice, and how to test out your new spy plane. And of course, your Toilet of the Week. 

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How to sit behind the president during the State of the Union Address and you'll never eat Chinese take-out the same again.

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This week we learn how to create a presidential seal and how to give the official response to the State of the Union Address. Plus, a Toilet of the Week just in time for Mardi Gras.

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How to cash in at the Super Bowl, camouflage your car, and a very, very special guest helps a listener learn to love baseball. Plus: your toilet of the week!

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How to take a portrait of President Obama, how to play wide receiver in the NFL, and how to take on the role of Shrek in your high school musical. Plus: Producer Blythe goes out into the world to find our Toilet of the Week. 

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How to make the best ponytail possible, keep your milk from going bad, and use those old Livestrong bracelets you're not wearing anymore. Plus, Saturday Night Live & Portlandia's Fred Armisen comes back to help you with another problem. 

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How to remember which one's Bill Pullman and which one's Bill Paxton, how to act like a local in Russia, and an international Toilet of the Week. Also, for our Jurassic listeners, how to ride a dinosaur. 

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How to keep from crying when you chop onions, how to finish that joke from Dumb & Dumber, and a childhood fear gets investigated. 

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